Join Paul at his private ranch in Argentina
For an exclusive group of hand-picked entrepreneurs
10 days of business planning & new idea validation
How much time do you spend thinking about growing your business?
A focused and constructive way to plan your year ahead

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Winners Circle is a 10-day business retreat at my ranch in Argentina for a maximum of 8 hand-picked business owners. Business planning and new idea validation, creating MVPs for new ideas, goal setting and building a business strategy for the coming year are at the forefront of this program along with relaxing and unwinding before the start of a new year ahead.

You will be in one of the most beautiful Estancias in Argentina with horses, polo instruction as well as tennis, and relaxing by the pool.

How much time do you spend thinking about growing your business? I’m guessing it’s every day. But how often do you actually plan that growth in a focused and constructive way? I’m guessing the answer is not very often. That’s hardly surprising with all the urgent demands of running a growing business.

That’s why this business retreat in Argentina is so important.

For the last 24 years, I’ve taken the first 10 days of each year to plan my next 12 months. Without exception, this has been the most important 10-days of the year, for the success and growth of my business.

By the end of each day I would have a notebook full of great ideas… or maybe not! By the end of the following day, the waves of reality came crashing down on my ideas and I was ready to burn my notebook.

At the end of my 10-day retreat, I always have several exciting ideas that had survived the storm of my skepticism. What I found was that any idea that made it past 3 days was gold!

Today, carving out even a single day of uninterrupted thinking and planning time is virtually impossible. And that’s why it’s so powerful for the people who do it!

Winners Circle is an all inclusive experience, including a private plane from Buenos Aires to the ranch.

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