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Sometimes it may feel as though your tree of opportunity is so heavy with fruit that you can’t decide which to pick; or maybe you’re struggling to see any opportunities at all for starting up your business. It can all be overwhelming, especially if you’re trying to hard. Take it from me, you need to let it go and just show up. Here are 4 Tips to get you thinking:

Understand that opportunities come from circumstances. You can try all you want to force your idea or business to be a success, but only the right circumstances bring those golden opportunities. If your circumstances are not providing any opportunities, you may need to change some things about your life – thereby changing your circumstances.

  1. Look carefully at the W.A.Y. (“where are you”) now

What unique circumstances are you part of? Capitalize on the opportunities your circumstances provide, and don’t strive for goals that ignore your current circumstances.

In the beginning, you may have no vision. You’re taking steps along a path, like wandering along a map. But once you’ve found that vision of what you really want to do, everything becomes easy. You will be able to write it up with enthusiasm, and once you’ve got the story down in your own mind, it will be easy for you to share that story. Because you are excited, other people will get excited about it too.

2. Wait and be patient

Don’t force things. Just show up and be open-minded. As you watch the people and businesses around you, you’ll start to see the available opportunities and figure out what excites your imagination.

You don’t need to know how to do everything. Your job is to know your plan and be able to communicate it with clarity and enthusiasm. If you wait for the 10,000-hour rule (meaning you need 10,000 hours of experience to be an expert), you will wait a long time. But you can hire 10,000 hours’ worth of experience in a day. Most people just don’t think that way.

3. When you find your vision, let it sink in

See if it still excites you in a week or so. If it does, write it down into an exciting story. Being a successful entrepreneur requires a compelling vision, as well as the ability to communicate that vision to a team – so make sure you have a vision that you believe in.

4. Share your excitement with others, and tell your story

As you hone both your vision and your storytelling skills, you’ll inspire a team to gather around you and your vision. This team is vital to your success. Practically speaking, it might be your managers and project managers who actually bring your vision to fruition. You have the idea and find the people to make it all happen – that’s the role of a leader.

It’s not a straight line from A to Z. But you do need to know your end goal. Start with that vision, and share it as best as you can every day. If you do that, you will find the right employees, and your employees will sacrifice everything when you ask them to. Second only to your vision, businesses are about people. Your employees are your assets. Nurture them, guide them, and help them believe in you. To do things better, your way.

About Me

I’m a seasoned start-up entrepreneur and property financier who built built businesses worth over $200 million. Since 1992, I helped start a bank credit department, founded a mortgage company, and built the largest single-branded real estate company across five countries in Central Europe. I also developed a portfolio of shopping centers and hypermarkets in Eastern Europe, constructing over two million square feet of retail space.

Today I am involved in the entrepreneur community, trying to share what I’ve learned and I serve as a mentor for startups.

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