3 Essential Ways to Harness Your Ideas for Success

You’ll probably have many crazy or impractical ideas in your quest for a successful start-up, but eventually the perfect idea will strike at just the right time. Make sure you’re open to the Eureka! moment…

1.  Make a habit of brainstorming, and let your ideas flow.

You probably have twenty ideas a day. Twenty great ideas! They come and go. Ideas are perishable. They come in a blink of an eye, like a Eureka moment, and they hit us without warning. A half hour later, you’ve forgotten them.

Most of your ideas are great. But probably, they are impractical as well. One day, you may have an amazing idea about international money transfers, and the next day you might envision how to do stocktaking for a fast food chain. But if you’re not in those sectors already, chances are it will be extremely difficult for you to get any traction without investing significant time and resources. That is not to say that it can’t be done, but it’s a longer shot.

But the dots can connect in ways you never would have imagined. In hindsight, it will look like A to Z, but actually you’ll be jumping all over the map. Each of your seminal ideas will sneak up on you, slowly developing in their own magic way, until suddenly there’s a confluence into one Big Idea.

2.  Find what you enjoy doing or what you see yourself doing

Remember that the golden idea is almost always one that fits with your skills or what you’ve always dreamed of doing.

Ideas are universal. For every idea we have at any given moment, there will be someone else somewhere in the world having the same thought. It’s really circumstances that determine who makes it work and who has the ability to move forward with that idea at any given moment. Don’t feel bad about it; one day you will grab the right idea that fits the place you’re at, and you won’t even know it’s coming.

When you find your winning formula, you’re likely to be doing something you know about and have already been drawn to. If you start with one thing, it will eventually take you down the right path without you noticing. Chances are the business you want to start or are involved in right now is related to something you know about, or are passionate about, or have been thinking about for some time.

3.  Catch the idea that represents who you are.

Consider your circumstances – “where are you”. Remember that steps toward your vision are a confluence of your ideas and your circumstances; one day you will grab the right idea that fits the place you’re at.

Look at your unique circumstances and what you’re doing right now. You really can’t get to point B if you don’t know where A is. And you don’t need to know how to get to point A right away. You just need to have a grasp of the general direction you need to go.

Steve Jobs studied graphics and design; he didn’t go into fast food. When you take strides toward your vision, you’ll come to know your arena pretty well, and your business ideas will be a reflection of where YOU stand in that arena.

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