The Pitfalls Of Success

Everyone knows Newton’s first law of motion; the law of inertia. The same law says an object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force.

In 2008 I had successfully sold all my businesses in central and Eastern Europe just before the crises at the top of the market. It was a happy day, and the photo is on my desk still. For the next 8 years I retired, enjoyed life, spent lots of money until one day I woke up and discovered two things; 1) I had lost my identity, and that 2) I was fat.



Success can be a curse

That lesson taught me Newton’s law. I learned you have to keep moving and stay in the game. When I retired I was 49 years old, had a 34 inch waistline, weighed 69 kg, played high goal polo and worked 24/7 and I was in my element. After 8 years, my waistline had gone to 39 inches, I weighed in at 80kgs, and found it hard to “roll’ into new ventures.

I was about to discover how hard it is to move an object at rest.

If you’re lucky enough

If you are lucky enough to get what you set out for, and achieve success at an early stage, then I suggest the following for any self respecting entrepreneur.

  1. Have the pictured framed so you don’t forget
  2. Go on a super holiday and spend like a sailor to get it out of your system
  3. Go back to the scene of the crime and sit back at your desk

If you are considering an exit or have just exited, you need a post-exit plan. I know so many people who never consider post exit because they are too busy building their business and then counting the spoils. It’s amazing how lazy we can get in a hurry and how fast money can fly. To get moving again the second time around can be painful if too much time passes.

About Me

I’m a seasoned start-up CEO and property entrepreneur who built a property business worth over $200 million. Since 1992, I have helped start a number of large scale businesses including a bank credit department, a mortgage company, and I built the largest single-branded real estate company across five countries in Central Europe and I developed a portfolio of shopping centers and hypermarkets in Eastern Europe constructing over two million square feet of retail space.

Today I am involved in the entrepreneur community, trying to share what I’ve learned and I serve as a mentor for startups.

I have authored a new business startup report called “How To Start A Business”. This shows you how to find, enter and profit immediately from a high demand market with virtually no competition… what I call a Blue-Sky Market!

This is how I could turn £400 into £50,000 in just 8 weeks.

Blue-Sky Markets are all around us. You just have to know where to look and have the courage to do things a little different.

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