This title gets a lot of press these days. esp since the business environments have changed so rapidly moving a zillion miles faster than ever before. Leadership and Management are not as separable as before, and the dividing lines have become blurred. In today’s disruptive world we collaborate more than ever, remote has replaced the coffee machine chat, and everyone has become an uber-experts in their specific fields. So how do entrepreneurs work with this change of landscape where everyone else is equally an entrepreneur? There is one single thing that stands out. It’s the “Why?” It’s the mission and purpose. To be a successful leader these days hasn’t changed so much. Leaders need to be great at selling a story and having a purpose for everyone to buy into.

The key to getting support and buy-in from customers and employees is finding and having the unique “Why”. If you have the Why then you can easily build a purpose and mission around your business. Most businesses don’t have that, and doing business for many entrepreneurs and leaders becomes a routine exercise with no stand-out reason to exist.

The 3 Components to building a great company are

  1. Find the “why”
  2. Create the purpose and mission around it
  3. Get employees to buy in by allowing them to take ownership of problems.

Working 24/7 takes a lot of energy, determination, and persistence. If you don’t have a unique purpose and mission building that company is going to be difficult, so it pays to take time and really find the pain-point you want to solve and build on. It may not come immediately but normally it will emerge from something you are already are doing and are drawn to. Whatever it is, it will resonate with you and ring like a bell when you hear it or feel it tapping at your shoulder.

Find the Why and Then Share it

Once you have the mission in hand, and employees have taken ownership, your business will take on an energy of it’s own. Everyone will be a part of it, and challenges will be looked at as mission cuticle targets with success as the consequence. And to get that, you need to share it every day, in everything you say and do as a leader. You need to write it in your plans, make sure it’s in your branding message, and is being communicated broadly. Think of every stand out business and think about how, when and where they tell their story and how it all interweaves.

About Me

I’m a seasoned Start-up CEO and property entrepreneur who built a property business worth over $200 million. Since 1992, I helped start a number of large scale businesses in emerging markets including a bank credit department, a mortgage company, and I built the largest single-branded real estate company across five countries in Central Europe. I also developed a portfolio of shopping centers and hypermarkets in Eastern Europe, constructing over two million square feet of retail space and got out in 2008 before the crises.

Today I am involved in the entrepreneur community, trying to share what I’ve learned and I serve as a mentor for startups.

I have authored a new business startup report called “How To Start A Business”. This shows you how to find, enter and profit immediately from a high demand market with virtually no competition… what I call a Blue-Sky Market!

This is how I could turn £400 into £50,000 in just 8 weeks.

Blue-Sky Markets are all around us. You just have to know where to look and have the courage to do things a little different.

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